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Join the IAPFC

Annual membership fees for Fire Chief's is $100.00 per year.

Annual associate membership fees for Chief Officers is $20.00 per year.

The $100.00 Chief Membership fee, and the $20.00 Associate Membership fee include both the spring and fall conferences. We strongly encourage participation of Associate Members, who are now available for committee assignments. 

"Membership (as amended during the 2020 Fall Meeting): 

Any paid Professional Iowa Fire Chief, the State Fire Marshal, and Bureau Chief of the Fire Service Training Bureau of the Iowa State Fire Marshal’s Office is eligible to become an active member of this Association. Those holding the aforementioned positions, on an “Acting” basis, shall be considered for membership on a case-by-case basis, after written petition to the Executive Board.  Associate membership will be available to Chief Officers, and their department’s equivalents, provided that their Fire Chief is a current active member of the Iowa Association of Professional Fire Chiefs. 


Only active members may hold office and vote. In the absence of the Fire Chief, a Chief Officer or designee who is an associate member may assume the voting rights for that department.  Under no circumstances will more than one vote be cast by any department."

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